SWAG Freelance Entrepreneurs
My video interview series starts on 12th April 2021. I plan to start with 10 Guys and 10 Ladies whom I know personally. Few more people I have to invite. It's slightly structured. 9 Questions in 45 minutes over a co-hosted zoom call with recording is what I have planned.   Apr 2021 sees an introduction series to SWAG (Serene Wellness Academy Group) Freelance Entrepreneurs who live and practise Serene Wealth and Holistic Health. Plan to restream.io the recordings. In May 2021, we focus on debate type on the topic "Obstacles we faced & how we overcame all odds" (there are 5 main categories) In June 2021, the topic planned is "How I find my Gigs as a SWAG Entrepreneur"
Arvind Balaji Kakade
Bhavik Minhas
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